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Arise Global provides Advanced NDT inspection services, consultancy and expert solutions for your demanding and challenging inspection needs.

Armed with world leading non-destrutive testing (NDT) services to help you ensure your plant assets and equipments continues to remain operational and runs safely.


With a vast portfolio of jobs and clients, we have tackled various challenges and scenarios globally.


We very well understand that time is valuable and we will do our very best to provide speedy services for our clients.


No project will be deemed too difficult for us as we are keeping up with developments and upgrading our systems to come up with innovative solutions.

The Arise team is ready to serve you where ever you are located around the globe.

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Malaysia and Egypt


We carry out knowledgable predictions.


Following up with preventive measures to curb emergencies.


With the goal to protect our clients assets.


We are always active and alert.


We leave no margin for error.


We are trustworthy.

  • Arise Egypt has been awarded a 1 year contract for condition assessment, inspection and revamping supervision of military assets in Egypt.
  • Arise Egypt has been awarded a 2 years contract of Vibration measurement for machine monitoring and diagnosis, precision alignment, Field Dynamic Balance, and Dynamic Structural study for a multinational manufacturer in Egypt.
  • Blue Horizon Services has been awarded a contract for pulsed eddy current testing of 98 spherical tank legs for detection of corrosion under fireproof.

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Advanced NDT Inspection Services and Consultancy

acoustic emission inspection on storage tanks
Acoustic Emission

Taking tanks with good conditions out of service is the major limitation of time-based maintenance, We offer Acoustic Emission technique as an efficient screening technique helping you to effectively plan and to make sure that only tanks with poor conditions will be taken out of service.

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pulse eddy current inspection
Pulse Eddy Current

Inspection through insulation opens unexpected opportunities, when removing the insulation to make access to the metal surface to perform inspection is difficult, impractical or costly, we offer the solution to detect the CUI without making contact with the metal surface by using the Advanced PEC.

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LRUT Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing
Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

When inspection is required for insulated lines, pipes with limited access such as buried, encased inside sleeves or elevated above pipe racks hence LRUT comes as an efficient, fast and cost effective technique.

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