Infringement of Technology & Intellectual Property Rights

On 29 August 2018, Arise Global provided notice that the Tel Aviv District Court in Israel granted Arise Global’s request for injunctions prohibiting the manufacturing, marketing, sale or offer for sale in Israel and worldwide of the infringing products “Sonic V” and “APR PRO,” which Arise Global discovered were developed based on the technology and intellectual property unlawfully taken from Arise Global (Singapore company) and developed in Israel for international distribution and sale.  Explicit orders were granted by the Court, inter alia, against  Sound Tube Testing B.V. (also operating under the trade name Sound Wave Inspection Systems (SWIS) ) and Mr. Hans Felius personally.

It has recently come to Arise Global’s attention that the infringing products are still offered to customers. Arise Global is now accordingly issuing this cautionary advice to all companies and placing them on notice  in order to avoid the purchase of products developed from or infringing on Arise Global IP rights.

The selling and / or offering for sale of the infringing products is punishable by civil and criminal courts. Arise Global will take proper and severe actions to seize and destroy these infringing products as per the permanent injunctions granted to Arise Global against the developer, the manufacturer and distributor of the such products.

In addition please note that the permanent injunctions in place prohibit the manufacturing of additional devices and /or providing support to the infringing products already sold in the market and /or selling or offering for sale the infringing products.

Arise Global, as the only official and reliable source for matters concerning its products, advises consumers to only purchase legitimate products that are not infringing intellectual property rights. If you suspect that you have been offered such product, please do not hesitate to contact Arise Global at

November 2018

For the court’s decisions and translation, you may preview this [Court’s Judgements & Translation.pdf] file.