Acoustic Emission

Acoustic Emission technology is an advanced NDT technology with unique advantages:

  • In-service evaluation of plant asset integrity
  • Non-invasive inspection
  • Single instance quick inspection of large surface area
  • Detects early onset of growing defects as well as their severity
  • Material independent (metals, composites, ceramic, concrete etc.)

    Example of defects detected:

    Corrosion, pitting, cracks, leaks, delamination, matrix cracking/fibre break/debonding, mechanical wear/friction/misalignment, partial electrical discharge etc.

    tank inspection using acoustic emission
    acoustic emission engineer performing inspection

    How It Works?

    Acoustic emission (AE) testing is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that detects and monitors the release of ultrasonic stress waves from localised sources when a material deforms under stress.


    • Above ground storage tanks (AST) bottom plate/shell (incl. spherical tanks)
    • Underground storage tanks (UST)
    • Above ground and buried pipelines
    • Pressure vessels, columns, reactors (incl. high/low temperature eqpt.)
    • Composite material tanks, vessels, piping, cylinders
    • Civil/mechanical structural health monitoring (SHM)
    • Rotating machines (bearing, gears, axial misalignment)
    • Utility transformers
    • Process monitoring

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