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Tank bottom is the only part of the above ground storage tank which we cannot be accessed from the outside to perform the required periodical inspection as per API 653 requirements.

Due to production requirements as well as the time required for cleaning, preparation and inspection a new inspection technique for the inspection of tank bottom without taking the tank out of service was highly required to avoid the unrequired down time.

The in-service tank bottom inspection is one of the services we offer our customers. This high technology tool performs the inspection of the tank bottom plate according to standard API 653 while the tank remains in operation.

   RTI-3  RTI-1  RTI-2 RTI-4

How it Works:

A robot, equipped with ultrasonic transducers, is inserted into the tank through a manhole on the tank roof. As soon as it reaches the bottom of the tank it starts the inspection, the sonar system helping it to navigate and to avoid obstacles like roof supports. The robot is connected with a number of transceivers which are attached outside around the tank to determine the exact location of the robot.

The robot is producing 200, 000 up to 1, 000, 000 point readings, depending on the tank size.

All results are directly transferred outside to the control unit for analysis and report generation.


• No tank downtime, production loss
• No material transfer
• cost effective
• No alternate storage needed
• Speed
• Detailed information on bottom condition
• Reduced safety & environment risks
• Not affected by coating (incl. fiberglass)

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