Acoustic Emission Testing Reference List

Arise Global contact details for Acoustic Emission projects:

S. No.Job DescriptionEquipment inspectedLocationDate
64Reactor Tubes InspectionRT (16m length - 206 nos)KSAMar-23
63FRP Tank Inspection2 FRP tanksSingaporeMar-23
62FRP Tank InspectionFRP Tank (1 tank 2.8m dia)SingaporeFeb-23
61Buried Bullet InspectionLPG Buried Bullet (3)EgyptFeb-23
60Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks)KSAFeb-23
59Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks)KSAFeb-23
58Pressure Vessel InspectionPV (2 numbers)BruneiDec-22
57AST Sludge level inspection1 ASTAbu DhabiDec-22
56Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks 24m & 34m dia)IndonesiaDec-22
55Crude Tank Bottom InspectionAST (3 tanks from 12.5m to 60m dia)QatarDec-22
54Buried PipelineBuried Pipeline (1 segment)Dubai, UAENov-22
53Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank 61m dia)IndonesiaNov-22
52Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks, 11.5 m & 24.4 m dia)KSAOct-22
51Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank 15.4m dia)IndonesiaSep-22
50Tank Bottom InspectionAST (3 tanks from 4.42m to 63m dia)BruneiAug-22
49Tank Bottom InspectionAST (3 tanks from 3.9m to 20m dia)PhillipinesAug-22
48Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank 4.5m dia)MalaysiaMay-22
47Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank 21 m dia)QatarMay-22
46Reactor Tubes InspectionRT(16m length - 212 nos)Abu DhabiApr-May 2022
45Tank Bottom / Zero & First Weld InspectionAST( 20m dia, 1.5m dia - 3 Tanks)EGYPTMar-22
44Pressure VesselPV ( 1.75m dia, 0.8m dia - 2 PV)Abu DhabiMar-22
43Tank Bottom InspectionAST (7 Tanks 21m & 86 m dia)KSAFeb-Mar-2022
42Tank Bottom InspectionAST (33m 5 tanks)QatarFeb-22
41Tank Bottom InspectionAST (6 tanks from 9 m dia to 30 m dia)QatarDec-2021/ Jan- 2022
40Tank Bottom InspectionAST (one Tank 23 m dia)SAUDINov-21
39Insuated PipelineInsulated Pipeline (56 segments)MalaysiaNov-21
38Buried PipelineBuried Pipeline (1 segment)Dubai, UAEOct-Nov-21
37Pipeline InspectionProcess Pipeline ( 2 segments)AlgeriaOct-21
36Tank Bottom InspectionAST (4 tanks from 13.5 m dia to 41 m dia)AlgeriaSep-21
35Buried PipelineBuried Pipeline (1 segment)Dubai, UAEMay-21
34Tank Bottom InspectionAST AST (9 tanks from 7 m dia to 30 m dia)QatarMay-21
33Tank Bottom InspectionAST AST (4 tanks from 2.1 m dia to 6.5 m dia)MalaysiaMar-21
32Kelly Tubes32 HP Kelly TubesSingaporeFeb-21
31Kelly Tubes32 HP Kelly TubesSingaporeSep-20
30Tank Bottom InspectionAST AST (3 tanks from 6.5 m dia to 33 m dia)FujairahAug-20
29Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 50m dia)MalaysiaJul-20
28Pressure VesselPV ( 2m dia, 10m length)FujairahJul-20
27Tank Bottom InspectionAST AST (7 tanks from 54 m dia to 70 m dia)MalaysiaMar-20
26Pressurised Gas Cylinders32 Nos. Seamless TubesSaudi ArabiaFeb-20
25Inspection of exposed area of buried water pipelinePipeline (1 segment)SingaporeNov-19
24Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 110m dia)UAEOct-19
23Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks from 4.5 m dia to 14 m dia)UAESep-19
22Tank Bottom Shell InspectionAST (2 tanks from 8 m dia to 35 m dia)EgyptSep-19
21Tank Bottom InspectionAST (4 tanks of 22 m dia)AlgeriaSep-19
22Tank Bottom & Shell InspectionAST (2 tanks from 8 m dia to 35 m dia)EgyptSep-19
21Tank Bottom InspectionAST (4 tanks of 22 m dia)AlgeriaSep-19
20Pressurised cylinders inspection (Kelly Tubes)7 HP Kelly TubesSingaporeAug-19
19Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 35 m dia)SingaporeMay-19
18Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 38 m dia)MalaysiaApr-19
17Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 45.5 m dia)Fujairah, UAEFeb-19
16Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks from 20.7 m to 81.5 m dia)KazakhstanJan-19
15Tank Bottom InspectionAST (3 tanks from 12.5 m to 48.5 m dia)EgyptJan-19
14Tank Bottom InspectionPipelineDubai, UAEDec-18
13Tank Bottom InspectionAST (10 tanks from 11.5 to 81.5 m dia)Abu DhabiOct-18
12Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks from 43 m dia)SingaporeOct-18
11Kelly Tubes6 HP Kelly TubesSingaporeAug-18
10Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 51.5m dia)SingaporeJun-18
9Tank Bottom InspectionAST (4 tanks from 20.7 to 81.5m dia)KazakhstanJun-18
8Reactor InspectionPressure Vessel (3 PVs, 2m dia, 4.5m length)DubaiFeb-18
7Tank Bottom InspectionAST (12 tanks from 20.7 to 81.5m dia)KazakhstanOct-17
6Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 30.5m dia)Jurong Island, SingaporeJun-17
5Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 3.6m dia)Cilegon, IndonesiaJun-17
4Suction PipingPipeline (1 segment)Jurong Island, SingaporeMar-17
3Tank Bottom InspectionAST (1 tank of 18.5m dia)Jurong Island, SingaporeMar-17
2Reactor InspectionPressure VesselKingdom of BahrainJan-17
1Tank Bottom InspectionAST (2 tanks of 7m dia)JordanNov-15