Research and Development

Arise Global is constantly innovating our technology and systems by doing research and development to provide the best services to our customers.

research development

Arise R&D Focus

Current Arise in-house research & development activities are focused upon:

  • Advanced statistical & multi-variable algorithms for enhanced Acoustic Emission signal analysis.
  • Advanced multi-stage digital filtering mechanisms for acoustic noise/ interference
  • Developing inspection methodology and procedures for target new acoustic emission applications through in-house simulation & research
  • Integration of emerging & corroborating technologies for widening scope of acoustic emission inspection applications
photo of a bridge


photo of flyovers


photo of tunnel


photo of marine loading generator

Marine Loading Generator

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photo of compressor


photo of grp gre pieplines

GRP/GRE Pipelines

photo of grp gre pieplines

GRP/GRE Pipelines

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