Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) Inspection System

Arise Global introduces Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection System, advanced and innovative tool in the field of Non-Destructive Testing that uses Acoustic Waves to evaluate the integrity of tubes in heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, reactors etc.

Our technicians, with the help of a computerized inspection system and an-advanced software are able to detect internal tube flaws such as holes/leakages, blockages, erosions and pitting with a great deal of precision and speed (Less than 10 seconds per tube!). Monitoring your tubes condition will help you increase your productivity and efficiency.

What is Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection System?

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) is a technology dealing with propagation of specially designed acoustic waves in tubes. Changes in the tube cross-section generate reflections. Identifying and analyzing those reflections enable monitoring of the tube integrity. This analysis is based on the fact that every defect has its unique signature. This is schematically shown below along with a schematic of reflection signatures of typical flaws such as holes/leakages.

APR Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

Why Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry?

Fast: 10-20 times faster than any other inspection technology.

The existing NDT techniques like Eddy Current testing, can take about 5 minutes to inspect tubes depending on the tube length, geometry & cleaning. However the APR system can inspect tubes in less than 10 seconds irrespective of their length.

Able to inspect complex tube formation: u-tubes, u-tube bends, fin fans, y & t joints.

The main challenge faced by current NDT techniques is the physical probe being stuck in u bends, t joints of complex tube geometries. But, APR inspection is effective in these scenarios as sound waves are used as virtual probes.

Tubes of any material can be inspected: ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials.

Current NDT techniques like Eddy Current Testing, RFT can be carried out for specific materials with specific properties. APR can inspect tubes of any material like plastic, graphite because the system makes use of sound waves as a probe.

Typical Applications

The Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection System can provide inspection services to industries that have heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, reactors. Some of them are:

  • Power Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Sewage Treatment Industry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Air Conditioning(HVAC)
  • Oil Refineries

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